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#WorkSmarter with McCain

#WorkSmarter with McCain

Saving you time and money while keeping the same quality taste

At McCain, the best minds are dedicated to developing quality food for your business, so you won’t have to. Like salt is to pepper, fish is to chips, tomato sauce is to fries - McCain is the perfect partner to your business.

You can rely on McCain Foodservice for:

  • The highest quality
  • Consistent and reliable supply
  • Unparalleled business support
  • Food knowledge and expertise
  • Support for local farmers

We’re all about helping you share great food memories.

Look out for the segmented product ranges that make selecting the right solution as easy as McCain.


Menu maketh food

Is your menu blending in with the crowd? Make it stand out with our perfect potatoes and wholesome vegetables.


Daily favourites

Everyday favourites that deliver stress-free cooking, ease and convenience.  You will always be the number one choice for your customers.


Smart kitchen solutions

Become a kitchen magician with our easy but clever food solutions. Our solutions will save you time and money so that you can focus on the heart of your business – customers.