Fresh-to-Frozen Calculator
The McCain Fresh-to-Frozen Calculator allows you compare the vast benefits of using frozen potato products above fresh potato products for your business. Use this tool to assess how McCain frozen potato products will save you time, resources and money
Perfect Basket
This tool allows you to find out which McCain products are perfect for your specific type of business. No more research, trials and testing - you’re just a few clicks away from finding your complete menu solution!
Potato I.D.
Cut. Taste. Price. Hold time. Shape. Picking the most profitable potatoes for your menu can be time-consuming and confusing… But not with McCain! That’s why we’ve created the McCain Potato I.D. - a hassle-free way to assist you in finding the perfect potato mix for your business.
Advanced Search
Use the Advanced Search function to filter your search results, based on specific criteria, requirements or preferences. Finding your perfect menu solution is now just a click away.

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